This track has a great intro with some nice vocal splices and a epic drop. True banger!
Jaiden- Turn It Up(Original Mix)

This track has a really cool build up to a super dirty drop to a nice electo finish. Check it!

This is a sick mash up of Crizzy’s Go Hard Remix and Kreayshawn- Gucci Gucci
BassComa- Gucci Goes Hard

Killer fresh track from this great up and coming producer. Great vocal splicing and just overall production kills it.
Razihel- Kenji-yo

Moombahcore, I mean come on this is fresh!
XT-After Effect

This is hot track from Getter. Straight banger here.
Getter-AK47 (Forthcoming Ultragore)

This is a tight track from a producer by the name of Popeska.
Meant To Be- Popeska

 Awesome remix by TBMA aka The Bolivian Marching Affair, this track is just straight insane!
Head over to their Facebook for a free download.
Jermaine Dupri- Welcome To Atlanta- TBMA Remix

Great track from New York’s own JumpShot, check out his interview.
Immortality- JumpShot

This is some new Helicopter Showdown, if you haven’t heard of these guys you need to.
A Hot One VIP- Helicopter Showdown

Here is a great to tune from Nerd Rage. This guy has been killing it lately.
The Gimp-Nerd Rage

One word Krewella, they have such a great mix of sexy female vocals and sick basslines, check it!
One Minute-Krewella