Can you imagine by the age of 18, opening for the likes of Skrillex, Nero and Borgore? Getter has done just that. After only producing for two years, this guy has skyrocketed to the top of anyones up and coming producers list. With his filthy basslines, and great collabs Getter is the guy to be watching out for. We got a great interview from him and what better way to start off his dedication week with just that!

Real Name- Tanner Petulla
Artist Name- Getter
Age- 18
Location- San Jose, California

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I come from a pretty average family, 2 brothers. I’m vegan and have been for almost a year now. Livin with my parents right now, but I’m making plans to move within the next few months.

How did you come up with the name Getter?

I honestly had a list of names. I think some of the other choices were like “sputnik” and “trash master”. I wrote all my choices on my wall so I could decide which one looked best and sounded best, so I went with “getter”

How long have you been producing?
Almost 2 years now. I started out like every other producer, just experimenting with genres and using different influences and tutorials.

What is your set up (hardware/software)?

Right now I’m on Reason 5, and all my previous songs have been from it. I’m currently working on upgrading to Cubase or Ableton, still testin em out. I recently upgraded my speakers from a pair of Rokit 6 krks, to a pair of Yamaha hs80s. The low end on the krks just wasn’t working out for me. I also have a Macbook pro and a set of Ultrasone headphones.

What got you started producing and what are your influences?

Well, my friend showed me dubstep in high school, and I immediately loved it. Few months later I went to a festival in San Francisco called “love fest” which was a blast. I was watching the djs and totally understood what they were doing, so I went to guitar center to test their demo equipment and loved it. After toying with mixing I got into producing right away. And now I’m here! haha. Most of my influences come from other genres like metal, punk, rap, (good rap, not that new era lil wayne bullshit lol) and, of course, other producers. My top 5 right now would have to be: Coven, Eptic, KLRGRM, Genetix, and Persist.

Which tune are you most proud of?

I am really proud of a tune I did with the Juggernaut called “GRINDHOUSE”. It was one of my first collabs and their style matched perfectly with mine. I am also very proud of my most recent biggie remix because it was one of my first takes on drumstep and I’ve always been a fan of notorious BIG.

If you were stranded on a deserted island with only an Ipod with 5 songs on it, what would they be?

1.Tyler, the Creator- French 2.Heltah Skeltah- Leflaur Leflaw Eskoshka 3.Eptic- Oh Snap 4.Burning the Masses- Volatile Existence 5. The Irish Front- Fire!!!

Can you describe what the production process is like for you?

I usually start by making a bunch of patches that would go great together, and then focus on my drums. I figure out the drop, and the length of each section. The intro usually comes to me some random time in the process. In the end, I bounce it, mix it down, and play it live!

If you could collab right now with anyone, who and why?

I would probably collab with my homie Big Chocolate. We got started on one awhile ago, but it vanished from our computers. Literally. I think it got caught up in some old hard drives or something. But we are definitely going to get a new one started. Our styles mesh very well.

Where is your favorite play to play at? Slash who goes the craziest?

I haven’t been all over the world with gigs YET, but so far, Chico and Los Angeles went fuckin NUTS at my last shows there. Out of state, would probably be Tampa and Baltimore.

You have opened for some massive names such as Borgore, Downlink and Nit Grit, who is the craziest to open for?

My craziest and most fun experience was opening up for Datsik, Nero, and Skrillex at a show my agency put on called “Wobbleland” in San Francisco. Me and my friend got to open for a huge crowd that was getting down to every track, and after wards, we got to chill with our favorite, most influential producers and DJs at the time. It was a dope experience.

You just came out with a remake to Biggies Party and Bullshit, what inspired you to remix this song?

I was actually at my homies party and the original track came on. I had been thinking about it for awhile before, and I kind of wrote the bass line in my head while I heard it at his house. I went home and just did it and it worked out great!

What to you have in the making right now?

Right now I got some new tunes with some producers. I’m workin with: AFK, Grimblee, KLRGRM, Point.Blank, Gambit, Trampa, Slosh, and I’m just starting up a tune with Spenca. I’m also sorting out a bus tour in America with Captain Panic! As well as a few international gigs.

What can we expect to see from you in the coming few months?

I have my 3rd Ultragore EP dropping early 2012, along with loads of free downloads, and some secret collabos!

So when your not at the computer making crazy tunes, what do you like to do?

I’m currently workin at a local bagel shop, part time. I go to a community college by my house, and I’m actually starting my first legit music production class next month which I’m really excited about! I also chill with my friends and do crazy shit with my girlfriend.

Do you have any advice for upcoming producers and DJ’s?

Keep at it, stay positive, and start your own style, don’t just try and copy other people patches and such 😉

Finally is there anything you want to tell your fans? Any shout-outs, the floor is yours.

Biggup to everyone that has been supporting me and anyone who comes to my shows. I hope to get even more popular and further my production techniques this next year! You will see a lot more style change-ups, different genres, new collabs, and ALOT more remixes coming from me in 2012! Stay tuned!

Thanks again so much for taking the time and chatting with us. Every one that works on D.O.A, viewers and fans I know greatly appreciate it. Keep up the bass and we all can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in the coming months. Keep up with Getter at all of his sites.
Getter Facebook
Getter Soundcloud

Here is one of Getter’s hot tracks featuring The Juggernaut.
Getter & The Juggernaut- GRINDHOUSE


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