Chris Murdock!

For only being 16 Chris Murdock has been doing work in the Electronic scene. He has been featured on Dubstep 101 and He is currently signed with SubCon Records out of California. This guy has got a killer style and is constantly coming out with fresh tracks every few weeks, which can be rare nowadays. He was kind enough to do a little interview for us and here it is!

First off thank you so much for speaking with us and taking the time out of your busy schedule to let the fans get to know more about you and your music.

Artist Name- Chris Murdock

Age- 16

Location- Fountain Valley, California

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I make bassy yet melodic music. I love to skate and talk to people. Cats are fun but my mom is allergic to them.

How long have you been producing?

I’ve been producing for a little over a year.

What is your set up (hardware/software)?

I started on Fl Studio but moved up to Ableton just because of more control.

What got you started producing and what are your influences?

Originally I liked djing but I got tired of playing other peoples music so I was like “Ima make dubstep!” ahahaha. Originally Skrillex influenced me but I realized there are WAAAAYY more talented artists out there (not bagging on my boyy).

Which tune are you most proud of?

My most favorite tune I made was probably my Feel High remix. Around my town, that’s what I’m known for.

What is your most favorite song ever? Either from you or any artist.

My FAVORITE song is probably Six Pack by Black Flag.

Which up and coming producer should we be looking out for?

The next upcoming producer(s) I would say is(are) probably Tonks, Tomba and Statesthetic*.

Can you describe what the production process is like for you?

To me the production process is like making a sandwich. SO YUMMY yet so difficult      -__- ahahaha.

So I was on your SoundCloud page and you shouted out that you make all of your songs without Massive, is there some deep seeded grudge you have with it haha?

Okay so Massive… It’s not that I hate it cause I’ve tried it and it’s alright… but I mean fuck! ahahaha. Everyone uses the same damn presets (Yoi yoi yoi). I respect the people who change it up like my homie Statesthetic (guy’s a freakin genius). I just don’t like how it’s over used.

If you could collab right now with anyone, who and why?

If I could collab with anyone, I would collab with Dillon Francis, that guy does some funky stuff man!!

What is your dream gig?

My dream gig is either Shambhala or I Love Techno

You have a new EP coming out soon, can you tell us a little about that?

So my new EP is really cool, In a couple songs they are really melodic then they drop really really hard. I also did a VIP of my old song Hank Hill and I also am making a song about boobs… do to me promising everyone on my facebook. ahahahaha.

What else do you have in the making right now?

I also just entered a remix contest for the song called Pucker Up by DivKid which is pretty bomb!

What can we expect to see from you in the coming few months? Maybe a tour??

In the next coming months, HOPEFULLY I can get some freakin gigs XDD ahahaha. If I get shows , I’ll deff do a tour.

When you’re not making tunes what do you do?

When I’m not making tunes I eat ,sleep ,or skate. 😀 or hang out with my beautiful girlfriend ahahaha.

Which genre is your most favorite to make?

My favorite genre to make is tied between Dubstep, Ska and Hardcore Punk.

So you have been featured several times on the big Dubstep site, how did that come about?

So with the whole dealio, I met everyone on here through Dubstep 101 and then I met Tim who worked with them and talked to him on twitter. Through that I kinda just started shooting him tunes and he would play em!

Do you have any advice for upcoming producers and DJ’s?

My advice to other producers/dj’s is play your stuff more then you play other peoples stuff, ask peoples opinions, take criticism , never give up and always work on something until you can’t think of anything to add.

Finally is there anything you want to tell your fans? Any shout-outs, the floor is yours.

I love everyone! Thanks to everyone who has supported me like my parents, iBrostep, Sub Con Records, Jose Hernandez, my street team and any other sexy muthas out there who have helped me get to where I’m at!
It was an honor to be interviewed :DD.

Chris Murdock

Thanks again so much for taking the time and chatting with us. Every one that works on D.O.A, viewers and fans, I know greatly appreciate it. Keep up the bass and we all can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in the coming months.
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Here is one of Murdock’s freshest tracks. It’s his VIP to Boy Kid Cloud’s- Feel High
Chris Murdock-Feel High VIP


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