I love to hear two guys getting together with a passion for music and coming out with a killer sound. That is exactly what BassComa is, and at only 17 Justin and Clayton have created a force to be reckoned with. Dropping some massive remixes and mash-up and playing killer sets these guys are on their way to the top! We were lucky enough to get an interview from them and here it is. Be sure to check in throughout the week for all things BassComa, we have a ton of songs and some crazy mixes these guys have done.

Real Name- Justin Smith, Clayton Stevens

Artist Name- Bass Coma

Age- 17

Location- Columbia, MO

Can you tell us a little about yourselves?
We became good friends right before we began high school. We both had a really big interest in electronic music, Justin was pretty big on Dubstep and I was more into House. Eventually, we decided to put our combined knowledge of electronic music together to mix it and manipulate it by creating Bass Coma. We started enjoying all kinds of genres and sub-genres across the EDM spectrum and put basically every one of those into our first show. That took place at a venue here in Columbia called the Bridge where we played for around 50 people. We’ve been playing all over ever since.

How did you come up with the name Bass Coma?
Whenever we first got started I made a list of a ton of names which I wish I would have kept. We just kept checking them off until we found the coolest and most original name.

How long have you guys been producing?
We have been working on it only a few months now on and off.

What is your set up (hardware/software)?
We just recently got the Denon DN MC-6000 mixer we use that along with a kaoss pad and the M-audio trigger finger occasionally.

If you were stranded on a deserted island with only an Ipod with 5 songs on it, what would they be?
Everything to Me (Adventure Club Remix), Moar Ghosts N’ Stuff By Deadmau5, Intergalactic by the Beastie Boys, And Human After All by Daft Punk

What was the first electro song you heard that made you be like “hell yea I want to make music like this”?
Booming right at you by Junkie XL

Can you describe what the production process is like for you guys?
We haven’t had a whole lot of experience with production, so learning something new happens almost every time. I like starting off with figuring out what drums I’m going to use and see how it goes from there.

What is your dream gig?
Some kind of large music fest. Something like Wakarusa or Electric Forest would be our goal.

If you could collab right now with anyone, who and why?
It’s a tough choice between Figure and Bassnectar. They both have really cool unique styles we’d love to work with.

The first song I ever heard from you guys was John’s Blasting Off, I was instantly hooked. A lot of your songs are remixes and mashups, how do you choose which songs you’re going to mash and remix?
We choose something that everyone will know, but at the same time we keep things new and fresh and expose people to new kinds of music.

Your latest remix is called Eyes on the Rain, a remix to Eyes on Fire tune to remix? (They absolutely killed the remix by the way; everyone needs to check it out)
It’s a song that quite a few people know, but it has very strong lyrics and vibe. It needed a bit of a more organic feel to it so not only did you hear it, but you listened to it.

What can we expect to see from you in the coming few months?
We have lots of production coming and we are getting more and more shows

What do you guys do when you’re not making tracks?
Hang out, work on mixes for gigs, finding and sharing new tunes ect.

Do you have any advice for upcoming producers and DJ’s?
Work on one thing first. Try getting really good at production first or djing beforehand. If you learn how to blend sounds really well in a set, the rest will follow when it comes to production or vice versa. But you should never strain yourself to both things at once.

Finally is there anything you want to tell your fans? Any shout-outs, the floor is yours.
We both want to thank everyone who has gotten the word out and helped us get this far so fast. We both also want to thank Marlene who is Clayton’s mom. She’s helped through a lot of this and helped us get many of the shows we have played at. We wouldn’t have gotten this far without her and all of our awesome fans.

We want to thank BassComa so much for taking the time and doing an interview for us. Be sure to check these guys SoundCloud page for all their tunes, and go show them some love on Facebook.


Here is a killer mash up that will put you straight into a Bass Coma!
BassComa- John’s Blasting Off


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