Invader Gir

Invader Gir is a killer trio of life long friends out of Stuttgart, Germany. These guys produce some crazy electro tunes with their own world domination spin! We got the guys to do a little interview for us leading up to the release of their huge EP Megadoomer dropping February 3rd! Be sure to check in throughout the week for some sneak peaks at Megadoomer! If you like what you hear be sure to go show these guys some love!

Real Name:
Alexander, Valentin, Daniel

Artist Name:
Invader GiR



Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
In the early beginning of the 1990s, there were some top secret experiments with 3 babies on the Mars, but something did went wrong and the whole Mars-mission crew disappeared. Nineteen years later 3 kids with a strong addiction to electronic music were found in a crater on Earth. The researchers of the government could not see any use in them and send them over to Germany when a few days later a mysterious association called “Invader GiR” was founded.

How did you come up with the name Invader GiR?
Well, when we were young we all watched the cartoon called “Invader Zim”. And he had a little freaky friend called “Gir”, the secret star of the cartoon. When we got older, we all noticed that “Gir” is a totally hyperactive and crazy bastard and things we laughed about years ago were twice funny now. Just listen to our music – it is also loud, full of energy and crazy. So we decided to get “Gir” in our bandname and so “Invader GiR” was born.

How long have you been producing?
We all started experementing with “FL-Studio” with 16, but we do seriously produce for 1,5 years now.

What is your set up?
We use “Ableton Live 8” and “NI Massive” for producing. For our Live gigs we use a “Mac”, a “NI Traktor S4” midicontroller and a midimapped “iPad” – we are all Midifighters!

What got you started producing and what are your influences?
At first we were producing trance with some progressive-house influences by “Deadmau5”. But we failed… Nobody wanted to listen to because it was shit. We sat down and thought about what we were doing and decided to make a little break. But a year later we discovered the huge electro and dubstep-scene in Stuttgart, we did not knew before. Stuttgart is the electro and dubstep metropole of Germany. We had so much famous acts here, like “Haezer”, “Cyberpunkers”, “Gtronic”, “Foreign Beggars”, “F.O.O.L”, “Trolley Snatcha” and so many more!
Talking to that artists and discovering this amazing and absolutely banging music, that was so much different as all the mainstream productions you hear EVERYWHERE, made us sit down again in front of our “DAW” and produce banging music.

Which tune are you most proud of?
We don´t prefer any tune of us, because we´re still learing so many things and daily improve our production skills, but if we had to decide, it would be the two tunes from our upcoming EP “Megadoomer”: “Fkn Ninja” and “Molotow Premium” ´cause people totally freak out when we play them at our live-acts.

If you were stranded on a desert island with an Ipod with only 5 songs, which ones would you pick?
It doesn´t matter. We would kill eauch other, fighting about who would be the first one, listening to them.

Which up and coming producer should we be looking out for?
Tough question… Everybody producing Electro is an upcoming artist. The scene doesn´t exist that long and it is growing as fast as hell… There is one guy which work we really admire and he´s called Raupe.!/iamraupe
When we heard his tracks, we instantly asked him, whether he want to do an official remix for our upcoming EP. So he did, and the result is just AWESOME. This guy will become big one day – definitely!

Can you describe what the production process is like for you?
When we start producing, one of us knees down in front of the computer and prays to the Electro God, meanwhile an other is shouting the top secret formula to summon him and the third one is just producing inspired by the Electro God himself.

How long does it take for you to make a track from start to finish?
It depends on the mood of the Electro God, but if he´s satisfied, we need 2-3 weeks.

If you could collab right now with anyone, who and why?
– Drivepilot: he´s just awesome
– F.O.OL.: because Rasmus Hermansen (the producer) is the son of the Electro God
– Haezer: his tracks are so fucking badass!!!

What is your dream gig?
It is the “Mega Electronic Fest” in Puerto Rico in front of several thousand people. The people down there are really into electro and dubstep and a few weeks ago we were allowed to air an exclusive mixtape live on “M.E.F. Radio”. Maybe the dream gig could already be possible this year!

What do you have in the making right now?
This month we will finish two official remixes. They will be awesome! Promise!

What can we expect from you in the coming few months?
Our first EP will be released in the beginning of February with two original tracks and 4 remixes. Then there will be gigs, tours, another EP, all the usual stuff other artists also do. Oh, and almost forgot it… world domination!

When you´re not dropping sick basslines or making crazy bangers, what do you like to do?
There are other things to do?

Do you have any advice for upcoming producers and DJ´s?
If you think, you´re good enough in what you´re doing, then keep doing!

Finally is there anything you want to tell your fans? Any shout outs, the floor is yours.
When we started our “Invader GiR” project we never expected to get so much attention nad gigs in only half a year. This is just possible because of our fans and we are grateful for every single one, because the music we do, we do it just for you!

Thanks so much you guys for the interview. Be sure to go like there page on Facebook and follow them on Soundcloud.
Here is your first sneak peak at Megadoomer EP
Invader Gir- Fkn Ninja



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